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(Applications are now due April1, 2013)
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Our Mission

Advances Learning Center is dedicated to providing outstanding educational services to children with disabilities, using scientifically - validated teaching methods to improve each student’s functional skills and substantially increase independence.

Our Methods

All teaching and consultation is informed by current educational research. We use continuous data collection and data analysis to refine our teaching. We collaborate with all members of the child’s team to ensure generalization and functional use of new skills.

Our people

Consultants are Board Certified Behavior Analysts with degrees in either Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) or Behavioral Education. Program managers have extensive experience and formal coursework in ABA. When behavior analysis is applied to teaching, instructors take continuous, objective data on the skills that students are learning, to assess the effectiveness of the teaching procedures. In addition, teaching methodologies are taken from peer-reviewed research.

We are now accepting referrals in Southeastern Massachusetts, including the South Shore!