Additional Services


Generalization Assessment

A generalization assessment assesses a student’s generalization of newly mastered skills from an Advances social skills group to the school environment. Recommendations to student's school-based team may also be provided when appropriate. Reporting will include recommendations regarding motivational factors, environmental manipulations, and ways to create opportunities to display the skill.

A generalization assessment includes interviewing team members and observing the child during social times in school or the community (recess, lunch, playdates, birthday parties).

For a generalization assessment, we accept private insurance and private pay.

Advances Comprehensive
Social Skills Assessment (ACSSA)

If you are concerned about your child’s social deficits but are not sure what to do, a good place to start is with a social skills assessment. Children’s academic skills are constantly tested so teachers know what their strengths and weaknesses are and whether or not additional supports are needed – why not test a child’s social skills as well? Assessment can lead to not only figuring out exactly which social skills should be targeted so time and resources are not wasted, but can also help track progress from year to year.

The Advances Comprehensive Social Skills Assessment is a criterion-referenced assessment tool for students with social skills deficits. The assessment will assess your child’s skills relative to proposed outcomes or goals and can be re-administered as needed to measure progress toward those same objectives. It assesses students’ strengths and weaknesses within and across sub-domains. It is not necessary that all areas be assessed; each domain may be assessed individually.


  • Body Language
  • Beginning Conversation
  • Advanced Conversation
  • Independent Play
  • Pretend Play
  • Cooperative Play
  • Social Conventions
  • Perspective Taking

The ACSSA Uses these Methods:

  • Parent Interview
  • Teacher Interview
  • 1:1 Testing
  • Direct Observation in the Natural Environment

For the ACSSA, we accept private insurance and private pay.

ABA Training For Parents

We offer several different types of training for families related to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Parents are the best teachers since they know their children better than anyone and are with their children day in and day out! We can help parents augment their teaching by incorporating the principles of ABA. We can also give parents ideas of skills to teach and different ways to teach them in order to help their child progress.

ABA Basics – This training, which includes guided notes, writing activities, and demonstrations, is designed to help parents understand the basic principles of ABA and how the principles can be used to teach new skills. The training is designed for parents who are already working with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). The goal of the training is to help parents understand the teaching programs the BCBA is using with their child on a more fundamental level so that parents can carry over teaching programs into their child’s day-to-day life.

Various ABA-related topics – We can provide training for parents related to one of the following specific topics:

  • Assessing Social Skills
  • Dealing with Challenging Behavior
  • Emotional Regulation from an ABA Perspective
  • Executive Functioning from an ABA Perspective
  • Generalization
  • Motivation
  • Perspective-Taking and Inferencing
  • Play Dates
  • Teaching Social Skills Across the Day
  • Understanding ABA
  • Writing IEP Objectives