In-home Services

One-on-one ABA services are provided in the home or in the child’s community. Our staff work with your family to teach appropriate communication and support other functional behavior in order to increase independence and decrease challenging behavior. Staff are supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts and supported by a robust training program and ongoing professional development.




ABA Consultation & Instruction Services

Initial Consultation: A senior consultant reviews your child’s reports and evaluations, interviews you and other team members, observes your child in his/her natural environment, and may implement various assessment tools. Based on the assessment, the consultant writes specific objectives for your child to work on and writes individualized teaching programs to help your child make progress on these objectives.

Providing Services: We tailor our programs so they fit each particular family’s needs. While we know challenging and interfering behaviors can seem overwhelming at times, a trained ABA instructor can assist you by implementing training programs, modeling the skills you will need to work with your child, and providing feedback. Although the ABA instructor may be the one implementing the teaching programs, closely supervised by the consultant, parents are still kept in the loop and are encouraged to watch sessions. We encourage parents to be closely involved in teaching their child. The consultant can train the parents how to run the teaching programs and consultants can serve as a resource to fine-tune the teaching programs and troubleshoot. A combination of consultation to parents and to an instructor is also possible. For example, if the child requires more instruction time than is feasible for only the parent to provide, both the parents and an ABA instructor could implement teaching programs.

Data are continuously taken (writing down exactly what the client does as the client does it) and these data are then graphed in order to track progress objectively.  Teaching is individualized and dynamic; if the child is not learning, the consultant will adjust the teaching procedures. There is more than one right way of doing things! At Advances Learning Center, the child’s learning determines how we teach.

For in-home ABA consultant and instruction services, we accept private insurance and private pay.

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Behavioral Services (IHBS) through CBHI

In-Home Behavioral Services is a Mass Health service provided through the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI).

Initial Assessment: First, the therapist completes an initial assessment, which includes a functional behavior assessment (FBA). The purpose of the FBA is to understand the “what’s” and “why’s” of the challenging behavior. The FBA includes reviewing your child’s reports/evaluations, interviewing parents and other team members, observing the child in his/her natural environment (home, community, etc.), and direct testing, if appropriate.

Service delivery: Next, the therapist writes individualized goals and individualized teaching programs for your child. These teaching programs are systematic, meaning that, in order to be successful, they must be carried out consistently. If appropriate, a second staff member, called a monitor, will begin modeling the teaching programs while the parent/family observes. The purpose of this stage of service delivery is for the parents/family to begin to learn how to carry out the programs. The monitor and/or therapist take data (writing down exactly what the client does as the client does it) so that progress can be measured.

The teaching programs are then gradually handed over to the parent for implementation. The ultimate goal of services is for the parent/family to carry out programs so that the child is successful in their natural environment.

This service differs from in-home ABA consultation and instruction services in the following ways:

  • The service is available only to children who are covered by MassHealth.
  • The service must be found to be medically necessary. This means the child is engaging in challenging behaviors to the extent that the safety of the child and/or others is at risk or the child’s health is at risk.
  • The goal of services is to decrease challenging behaviors. While we acknowledge that skill building is important, insurance regulations mandate that we can only address objectives designed to reduce challenging behavior. This will include increasing appropriate replacement behaviors related to the challenging behaviors.
  • Parent training is a crucial component of the service. Parents must be present at every session and make progress towards running programs.
  • Once the objective(s) related to the challenging behavior are met, the family/parent is able to independently manage the behavior, or the service is no longer medically necessary, In Home Behavioral Services are systematically faded.
  • This service is available for clients through age 21.

For In-Home Behavioral Services, we accept Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP).